Ginger for sinus infection has been used for thousands of years in the Asia minor and far east countries.Sinusitis or Sinus infection is an inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages  which is caused when  air cavities inside the facial bone that are lined by mucous membranes. Most of the time, sinusitis is formed due to infection by bacteria, virus, and fungi. Other additional triggers consist of  allergens or pollutants, poor air quality, temperature, humidity,  weak immune system, dehydration, stress, and hormonal fluctuations. The infection causes congestion of the nasal passages, which blocks the drainage of the sinuses, leading to various symptoms.

ginger for sinus infection

Ginger is well known in Chinese medicine as a panacea which is herb family with hundreds of indoor and outdoor applications. Ginger, with its  powerful and active component Gingerol,is the right choice for your infected sinuses. Ginger has been applied to treat different ailments, including gastrointestinal upset to sinus related problems. Sinus infection usually occurs  with the common cold and can leave you with a stuffed up nose, swelling around your eyes and pain in your face and head.It can also come from allergies, bacterial and fungal infections.Sipping a warm  ginger tea in a cup of tea  may help alleviate the pressure and pain of sinus infection. Ginger for sinus infection in tea form is the best solution for breathing problems. Ginger  tea can also be applied to your face in a compress to minimize the pain seen in sinus symptoms. The easiest place to prepare ginger in your kitchen is ginger tea. You can prepare by Chopping up ½-1” of fresh ginger root into slices and simmer in adequate water for a cup of tea for 11-15 minutes. This procedure is called decocting an herb, and is commonly used to extract denser plant parts like roots and bark.

How to use ginger for sinus infection

  Even though ginger for sinus infection is the popular practice throughout the traditional medicine,ginger tea is also a remedy for many ailments, including stomachaches. Most people are  familiar with ginger ale to relieve stomach sickness, but ginger tea can be even more soothing and works well for avoiding sinus infection. It also acts as a digestive aid,improves heat to the digestive fire, and finally  aids to dispel gas in the belly.
You can also  crush the roots and add them into hot water to make ginger tea. The spicy aroma of this tea will most likely warm up your nasal passage and helps the drainage to be opened. If you don’t have a habit of drinking ginger tea, you can take ginger compress over your cheek, eyes and sinus areas for 11-15 minutes to aid in reducing facial pain, pressure and inflammation.

ginger fumes can  be inhaled that results an incitement to the mucus particles mainly to thin and be derived more easily. The tea fumes have great performance to be directly inhaled or a comedy of cloth can be dipped in the water and applied to the face to inhale the fumes. This is  one of the humane way to cure infections which shows  that ginger has anti-bacterial characteristics.

Therefore, by using ginger for sinus infection, a spice easily establish at home, a powerful sinus home redress can be made to provide relief from the discomfort. This is one of the most cheap and forcible sinus treatment alternatives available to personage.



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