It is a fact that there are natural chemicals found in ginger for fertility Infertility is one of the major health problems in the human life and almost 30% of the infertility are mainly because of a male factor.A number of  conditions can interfere with spermatogenesis and reduce sperm  quality and production. More factors such as drug  treatment, chemotherapy, toxins, air pollutions and insufficient vitamins intake have harmful effects on spermatogenesis and sperm normal production. Several studies have reported that antioxidants and vitamin A, B, C, and E in diet can protect  sperm DNA from free radicals and increase blood  testis barrier stability.

Ginger for fertility enhancement

Nowadays ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale R., family:  Zingiberaceae), is used worldwide as a spice. Both  antioxidative and androgenic activity  of Z.  officinale were reported in animal models. All major active ingredients of Z. officinale, such as  Zingerone, Gingerdiol, Zingibrene, gingerols and  shogaols, have antioxidant activity . Besides,  other researches showed that ginger oil has  dominative protective effect on DNA damage induced by H2O2 and might act as a scavenger of  radical and might be used as an antioxidant . Antioxidants protect DNA and other important molecules from oxidation and damage, and can  improve sperm quality and consequently increase fertility rate in men .Therefore, the role of nutritional and biochemical factors in reproduction and subfertility treatment is very important.

ginger for fertility enhancement

     A number of discriminating couples suffering from infertility are seeking natural solutions to  increase fertility. Indeed, several supplements  exist that can increase sperm motility rate in men and egg quality in women.In addition to  some supplements such as Melatonin,coenzyme Q10,vitamin B12, and Pycnogenol anecdotal reports suggest that ginger may be helpful as well.There are a number of  reports that ginger for fertility enhancement can regulate menstrual cycle and thus increase the chance of conception.With this respect,a  recent animal study on rats showed that giving ginger to diabetic rats enhances fertility and significantly minimize the rate of infertility . Ginger for fertility treatments successfully correct hormonal imbalances contributing to infertility.For continuous rate of consumption, You should consult a qualified health practitioner before to consuming ginger medicinally.




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