Flu or Influenza is one of the most common respiratory infections which are caused by a pathogenic virus.Flu is contagious diseases that can easily be transferred from a carrier to a healthy person that’s why we need ginger for flu. Some of the ways of this viral spread are sneezing, coughing,shaking with hands during coughing, weakness,headaches, nasal congestion,fatigue, muscle aches, high level of fever of more than 60 degree centigrade, dry cough and sweats and chills.Most of the time Flu is not considered as a serious problem but the ultimate rate of complications is not easily solved. It can lead our health condition to a more critical point which can be changed to sinus infections,pneumonia, ear infections and bronchitis.Almost all countries of the world are under the exposure of Influenza or Flu and in major cases the spreading season is higher in winter than in any other season.

Ginger is an herbal specious containing ginger root and greenish-yellow fragrant flower. Among the ginger parts, ginger root is mainly used in the production of traditional and artificial medicines. Gingerol, a compound found in ginger, has healing and medicinal attributes that  also makes the herb to be hot and anti-oxidant agent .You can get Ginger in fresh ginger, extracts, dry ginger root, capsules and fresh oils.

Ginger for flu is the best alternative to the medical treatment of Flu and Colds

Ginger is one of the most powerful herbal medicines which are effective in preventing the spread of flu in our body.Ginger for flu  chemicals which inhibit the growth of Influenza virus and limits the step by step frequency of the respiratory tract infection.

For Flu symptoms like headaches and sore throat, you can mix 2 tea spoon of fresh ginger to a cup of hot water and give a time to stand. Then drink the ginger for flu tea up to three times a day. The expected dose of ginger doesn’t exceed 2,000mg when it is used with other food in a separated time sequence.You should not consume more than 4g of ginger per day, including that of food sources such as ginger ale and ginger snaps. Excessive doses of ginger can lead to mouth irritation, heartburn and diarrhea.For continuous coughing, drink ginger juice with raw honey four times a day for a bad throat.It is soothing and helps clear up phlegm.

Here is a simple procedure that you may easily prepare tea ginger for flu or cold.

1. Fill your teakettle with pure water and get it boiling. 
2. Until the water boil, grate fresh ginger root of up to one inch. 
3. Get a thermos and put the ginger root in the thermos. 
4. Additionally mix four tablespoons of lemon juice in the thermos.

5. Add three tablespoons of honey. Honey is basically added for good taste and better healing power in ginger for flu
6.As the water is boiled, pour it in the thermos and Cover it up and leave it for 20 minutes to settle. 
7. Strain into a tea cup and drink 

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