Ginger for food poisoning prevention and control is the most essential term we really need to implement in our daily life.But before that let’s see the food poisoning stuff.Food poising is a digestive disorder which has killed thousands of people throughout the world. Even though food poisoning can easily be cured,thousands of people are still dying and other hundreds of thousands have been sick.Non standard packed foods,unhealthy food preserving habits and unchecked food types in various cases(like festivals and holidays) can lead to bowel disturbances and food poisoning.Some of the common symptoms when you are under the attack of food poisoning  are diarrhea,vomiting, stomach cramps or a pain in abdominal cramp area, continuous headaches,fever and muscle aches.Most of the time these symptoms are started to be revealed within 4-5 hours and it can also be seen after 36 hours.In most cases,food poisoning probability is high as you eat foods  full of bacteria or other related toxins.Food poisoning is not only caused by bacteria and toxin chemicals but also by poisonous plants like toxin mushrooms  and other sea animal specious like puffer fish.During summer season the average rate of food poisoning becomes high since the temperature of the environment is high so that food can be preserved in a few areas(refrigerators).


In developing countries there is no enough food preserving equipment so that the level of food poisoning is two times higher than that of the developed countries.Therefore ginger for food poisoning control is the motto needed here!Recent  researches reported that food poisoning is the root cause for more than 240 cases of  diseases. According to WebMD facts for every six people in the US every person become sick due to the habit of eating  contaminated food.In addition to the above statistics, over 46 million people are sick in the world,127500 hospitalizations are done and more than 3000 deaths are recorded annually.Therefore,we shouldn’t sit and wait for something if we are under this illness.We should protect ourselves and maintain the healthy environment in good condition.To do this,natural herbs like ginger can help us in the best way.

Essential contributions of ginger for food poisoning cases

Ginger is one of the top natural cures for cases related to food poisoning and digestive disorder.Different types of gastrointestinal distresses are completely healed by ginger treatment. Due to its power of anti-inflammatory bacterial properties,ginger can  help us  quell not only digestive disorder but also nausea common cold,gastric distress and stomach cramp.Toxin gases and acids which causes vomiting are minimized by the powerful ginger chemicals. Green tea with ginger extract is the most important ginger products helping for food poisoning illness.By the way you can use ginger both for pre-food poisoning or in case of food poisoning.Chewing a slice of natural raw ginger  mixed with honey is also the best treatments.To relieve from stomach cramps and food poisoning upsets,ginger tea is the preferable solution. In order to prepare ginger tea,add a spoon of ground ginger to two cup of boiling water and wait for five minutes before drinking.Then drink either by adding sugar or honey to it .Please try to use the natural ginger and don’t use packed ginger products with artificial ginger flavoring.Try to avoid solid foods during vomiting since it causes another worse food poisoning problem.Also,don’t drink juices made from mango,banana and apple since the healing rate will be minimized.Rest for adequate period of time to regain your immunity and drink ginger tea as much as possible.Therefore,let’s make a habit of using Ginger for food poisoning problems and in food recipes.


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