Ginger root benefits  are the main part  which contains a number of essential minerals that kills bacteria and small micro-organisms.Ginger root is the lower stem of the ginger specious named Zingeber officinale that has a great role in the treatment of nausea,blood pressure,common cold,anemia,toothaches,and hemorrhages.

Recent researches on Ginger root benefits

   The recent health science suggests that a powdered dry ginger root of about one gram prevents motion sickness. Ginger root in the powder form of the equal gram gives more positive result than artificial drugs like Placebo or Dramamine. It can also be used appetite stimulation, digestion aid, a gargle for sore throats and perspiration improvement during fever cases.Most scientists agree that a defined concentration rate is preferable than over the counter drugs which is taken to treat nausea. With this respect the root has no side effects in the central nervous system. The famous herbalist and author Daniel Mowrey ones said ‘Ginger is the perfect remedy for acute nausea….use it till you taste it’.


Ginger root benefits can also prevent leukotriene and prostaglandin in its pungent smell reaction which produces allergic and related inflammatory formations that aids for the newly infection case for asthma and arthritis. In addition, it has the power to preserve food in its anti-oxidant and antimicrobial properties. Intestinal parasite worms can easily been killed by ginger  oil with a limited dosage prescription and its power of remedy is greater than other similar artificially manufactured anti parasite drugs. The root compounds can also be used for the prevention of thromboxane which accelerates Clumping or aggregation in platelets cells.

Ginger root benefits are applicable for the treatment of hyperemes is gravidarum which is the main cases of a disease called morning sickness frequently observed during the initial trimester period of pregnancy.On the other hand nausea and vomiting seen in postoperative patients is reduced by using the this root.According to Yamahara et al., 1989if there is any patient who is treated with cytotoxic compounds, ginger is recommended basically for the reduction of vomiting in. Related to this, Kraft and Hobbs, 2004;and Adame and Adame,2001 wrote that ginger root in a suitable recipe form can enhance and stimulate appetite and accelerate digestion and act as ant flatulent for the reduction of bloating and gas.

According to Masuda et al., 2004; Ahmed et al., 2000 and Surh et al., 1998, the vitro and animal trials with the root have emphasized that it possesses Powerful antioxidant ability and thereby empower with sufficient protective effect against free radical damage. In addition to this,it release anti-tumor effects in vitro on particular cells under Epstein-Barr virus stage of infection as well as antioxidant effects that prevent the human body not to be affected in certain types of cancer.Finally,this scientific experiment has shown how this spice has applicable principles to protect human nerve system and even it may have bright hope in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.





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