Ginger researches on Oleoresins

Ginger Oleoresin is one of the ginger researches product which can be extracted from ginger root using super critical carbon dioxide.Spice oleoresins are currently used instead of spice themselves due to its multitask purposes in food and beverage industry. Ginger Oleoresin is one of these spice Oleoresins that is prepared in the form of solvent.This Oleoresin is used as a major flavoring ingredient in beverages, foods, medicinal items and other additional recipes. It has a plus in terms of safety, economy, flavor concentration and the control of microbial contamination.

Ginger Oleoresins are environmentally friendly so that the significance of the artificial Oleoresins becomes very high and beneficial.In addition to this,it is considered as a safe and appropriate substitute for organic solvents thereby volatile organic compound(VOC) emissions are eliminated.

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In the process of preparation of Ginger research on Oleoresins,there are procedures that must be applied.The initial point is the attachment of PDF then Jamaican ginger root is charged to T-101 through the extraction vessel.Then supercritical Carbon dioxide is transferred from the holding tank to the extractor for almost six hours.After that, more than 94.5% of the 6-gingerol, which is 30% of the ginger oleoresin, has been taken out from the ginger root and the extracted oleoresin in smd Carbon dioxide leaves the extractor and enters E-101by applying low-pressure steam.

Then the mixture pressure is throttled to 65 bar, initiating the super-critical CO2 to be in a gaseous state. The dual-phase mixture then comes into the flash vessel or V-101 where all of the liquid oleoresin leaves the base of the flash vessel.After providing this,all of the CO2 moves out from the top of the flash vessel thereby enter C-101 and E-102, mainly to be compressed and cooled back to super critical temperature and pressure.After the successful extraction process, the CO2 and extracted ginger oleoresin moves to a pre-heater and then a throttling valve.

It is essential to heat the mixture prior to the entrance of the valve to maintain the oleoresin above its freezing point upon the reduction in pressure. After the amount of CO2 has passed through the equipment, it is returned back to the storage tank where it is accumulated for another extraction of ginger root. The process is then stopped for two hours so that the spent ginger is removed from the extractor and also a new batch of ginger researches root is finally charged to the extractor.

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