Ginger for gum disease is a popular word in the traditional medicine and it is the first and the best natural remedy for  gum disease  which can attack any level of age,gender and status. More than 70% of  the age level less than 35 suffer from gum related infections.This rate shows that high percentage of gum problem occurs when it is able to take root without people knowing about the infection till its too late.Researches in gum problem areas said that most people with gum disease don’t even know they have gum infection.

ginger for gum disease

Gum challenges and Ginger for gum disease effectiveness

Bleeding gums is one of the common problems associated with gum infection.It should be given a priority for such cases since different herbal medicines like ginger can be the perfect solution for gum disease by minimizing any external or internal infections.There are a number of reasons that cause gum to bleed.Among them,incorrect palque removal is the main factor.Leukemia,Scurvy,Anemia and flossing of Vitamin K are other reasons for frequent gum bleeding cases.Your gums become swollen and sore gums are seen when the bleeding level is worse.

  Ginger for gum disease helps minimize the acid in your mouth by neutralizing the acidity formed by the bacteria.Rinsing the mouth by mixing cinnamon with water can also be the alternative effective pain killer that  helps to avoid bacteria  perpetuated gum disease.Ginger is the pioneer herb common in  Eastern medicine and Asian cuisine. The active compounds in ginger,gingerols, kill the bacteria causing gum disease.In September 2008,a test tube study published in  Physiotherapy Research matters reported that  gingerols were positive in destroying mouth-residing bacteria causing gum disease. However, there is no precise study done in humans yet to link  gum disease and ginger consumption. Ginger can also  protect against various periodontal diseases that cause the loss of supportive connective tissue and bone in your mouth. The effective healing performance of ginger is powerful to spice up  foods and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

The natural ginger root constituents chemicals which can  inhibit oral bacteria growth  associated with periodontitis or gum infection in the human oral cavity. This research signifies that the ethanol and n-hexane extracts of ginger exhibited antibacterial formworks against three anaerobic Gram-negative bacteria,Porphyromonas endodontalis ATCC 35406,Porphyromonas gingivalis ATCC 53978 and Prevotella intermedia ATCC 25611, causing gum diseases.In the research, five ginger constituents were isolated  from the active silica-gel column chromatography fractions by  high-performance liquid chromatographic method, elucidated their structures by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry  and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy mainly for the evaluation of antibacterial activity. Finally,the spectroscopy research shows that two highly alkylated gingerols,namely [10]-gingerol and [12]-gingerol successfully inhibited the growth pattern of these oral pathogens at a low inhibitory concentration (LIC) range of 6-30 microg/mL. These gingerols are also known as the oral pathogens at a low bactericidal concentration (LBC) range of 4-20 microg/mL,which  5-acetoxy-[6]-gingerol, include  the other ginger compounds such as  3,5-diacetoxy-[6]-gingerdiol, 5-acetoxy-[6]-gingerol and galanolactone.

Generally the healing power of ginger for gum diseases is the reality so that you can use in your home as it is one of the ‘least side effect initiator’ yet ‘relief generator’ herbal spice.Instead of taking dozens of artificially made human medicine,you can easily restore the healthy condition of your gum by using it in your daily meal and ginger for gum disease. 



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