Ginger and Medicine

The history of ginger and medicine is as old as the civilization of human beings.Ginger has been used for thousands of years in different parts of the world as a part of the social,spiritual and cultural way of reflection throughout the life of human being.Its reputation in the past millennium as an aid for digestion has been acknowledged by different cultures of the world society.

In the first millennia i.e after the birth of the lord Jesus Christ,the incorrectly named as ‘root plant’ family Knobby tuberous rhizome has been used as an agent of cure against the diseases Dyspepsia up to the most complicated cardiovascular and blood-related disorders.The popular Roman Physician to Nero Discords in his book ‘De Materia Medica’ puts ginger as a herb family that softens and warms the stomach.In the 19th century,it was taken as a form of style and fashionable to put a shaker at the counter of English bars and pubs.In Nepal, the local phyla Kahili is used to make a garland for the ‘Kumari’ or young girl which is mainly practiced for the chosen incarnation of their goodness.Also,the medieval sex medical schools and sex manuals like the famous Italian university,’Salerno’ prescribed ginger for making happy ending at the final times of human life.

ginger and medicine

The ancient Chinese sailors have used to chew ginger and medicine to prevent from infirmities during their voyage and as a weapon of protecting themselves from sea-sickness.It is believed that one of the most crucial foundation of the ancient Chinese medicine is ginger.With this in mind,they hailed the digestive food processing system in the human body as an essential part of medicine.Generally,the ancient Chinese first Pharmacopoeia also called Pen TsaoChing had included this precious warming spice.Even the popular Chinese spiritual leader Confucius had been used during meal time and it is believed that he lived never without ginger added foods.

The ancient Indians have been practicing voids treasured it as the powerful medicine or in Indian language termed as Maharishi.They recommended it for inflammatory joint related sicknesses like rheumatism and arthritis.The Japanese society serve ginger as a palate cleanser and fond of it pickles.On the other hand,the ancient Pilipino have used it as protective amulet and avoiding weapon against evil and demon spirits.

The early Burmese had soaked the ginger in a fresh lime content and prepared it as an aid for after dinner digestive system.Still now,the culture of using the spice in the past days is widely practiced in the current Burmese society.The Portuguese has also prompted by the aphrodisiac aspect to increase its cultivation for they could prepare ginger tonic in the slave camps of those times.They did that mainly to increase their population and enhance their profits.The western part of Africa has also practiced it to counter the world’s deadly epidemic disease Malaria and Yellow fever.In Carribean Islands, its by-product is used as a treatment for urinary tract infections.Also,ginger’s reputation has been applauded as an aphrodisiac.

The Russian society,from the other perspective,used ginger as a sprinkler over warm rum with a piece of cotton inserted into the mix of soaked in an aching tooth.Ginger and medicine in the recent clinical research and trials have confirmed the efficiency in various ways.Let’s see the main ones…

Ginger aids the gastric system by leveling up the PH of stomach acid and thereby lowering the rate of the gastric amount and increasing the digestive enzyme process.Also as a tonic for the overall digestive organs and tracts,it activates the salivary gland,and improves the digestive system,tones up the intestinal body organs like muscles that sharpen the power of peristalsis,prevents flatulence and after meal belching.

The other medicinal use of ginger,is it reduces the severity of sea sickness by suppressing nausea,vomiting and vertigo have long been known and at the current time ginger ale, cookies and candies are the traveler’s best choice since most voyagers find it more applicable than Dramamine.Unlike most of the herb family advantages,it acts mainly on the liver and stomach to reduce vomiting and nausea.This shows that it gives a permanent remedy for stomach related problems.

Most scholars studied on ginger for sicknesses such as dyspepsia and prevention and control of motion sickness. In addition, its essential oil component includes the pungent shoal and gingerol that behaves like an anticoagulant and renders the blood platelets less sticky.With this in mind,if you want to have a strong heat muscles in an incredible performance of preventing vein blood clotting problems.If your health is disturbed by arthritis,the anti-inflammatory conditional properties have been ensured as an aid remedy.Moreover,it has been frequently applied in herbal remedy for chill,cold,flu,fever,headache,nausea,motion sickness and so on.

Concepts on the application of Ginger and medicine

The amazing part of ginger is rated as a safe herb with almost no negative side effects except in some ‘exceptional’ cases.For instance,if you have gallstones,it is not recommended to take ginger in anyways.In addition,it is not advised to be used during pregnancy and for children below two years of age.

The journal of Experimental therapeutics and pharmacology,”Ginger helps to improve abnormal digetive function induced by high level blood sugar.”Also the journal of OsteoArthiritis and Cartilage said ”Adults suffering from osteoarthritis of the knees may experience less pain,swelling and increased mobility in the knee by taking an extract of ginger.”

The European journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology confirmed that ”Ginger stimulates digestion by increasing the agility of food movement from stomach into the upper parts of small intestine.”


One may ask ‘how do you relate ginger and cancer? ‘I have set out some points about the two and finally, derive how each of them can influence in a manner that human beings are in proper health condition. We all know that cancer is one of the deadly diseases that kill millions of the world population every year. Various cancer types are distributed all over the planet which makes the challenge more complicated and time killer. In our home, neighbors, community and society we have seen and provided help for those victims who died every other day.Even though cancer seems to be the top ranking killer in the history of mankind, there is always a way out; Thanks to God almighty there are hundreds of specious that is used to help build our health in so many perspectives. From these ‘way outs’, ginger family is the first and the best alternative.

Ginger is a great spice root plant that prevents a number of cancer possibilities to stop and grow no more. Recently, scientists proved that it can destroy cancerous agents and cells in a number of ways but the two well-known ways are apoptosis and autophagy. Apoptosis is the system that ginger causes the cancerous cells to kill each other and commit suicide without affecting the healthy cells mainly due to its anti-inflammatory properties .Autophagy, on the other hand, is occurred when ginger like a stage actor, tricks the cancerous cells to eat each other and destroyed.

The amazing fact about ginger in the prevention of cancer is that it is far better than cancer drugs that have almost no side effects on the healthy living of human beings. Surprisingly, more than half of the cancer drugs accelerate the cancer patient to die than to live since it’s under effects are destructive to our body. The opposite is true; this spice is wonderful in its healing ability and unique structural guard for our cells and the headache enemy for cancerous cells. Until recent, scientists give a small place in its power of inflammatory quality and concentrate on other anti-cancer drugs. But after some years, they know the magnificent power in the prevention of cancer and its side effects. The recent research in Georgia state university identified that the rate of prostate tumor size in mice is minimized by half mainly through the whole ginger extract. Not only is this, the anticancer properties is observed even after the cancerous cells pollute the healthy cells.

Scientists hope that drugs that are more naturalistic and positive in terms its side effects and healing power will soon be launched so that the spread of cancer will be minimized.If you have new comments, idea or anything else related to cancer,the platform is open anytime.


Ginger use is somehow broad and diverse so that it can be applied from the medical research up to the alcoholic industries.If we see the general use from the perspective of medical aspect, we can say many things. In terms of diseases, related aspects, ginger in its different forms can be used to treat a number of illnesses. Among them, nausea is the primary sickness that is mainly treated by the spice. It can also be used as a pain remedy, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering herb and a warming remedy. Migraines treatment is also achieved through the natural ingredients.The advantage is not only limited to this but also found in inflammatory arthritis and supplemental use.

Ginger use has its own impact on platelets aggregation and Vitro oriented thromboxane synthesis. In addition to this,it has no serious side effect during lactation, pregnancy, and childhood so that it is given a name GRAS (generally recognized as safe).On the other hand, the potential clinical benefits are vested in so many uses like cardiovascular problems, Gastrointestinal and hepatic problems, Neuropsychiatric and endocrine difficulties, hematologic and rheumatologic diseases , Immune modulation, Antimicrobial activities, Antineoplastic and Antioxidant and diaphoretic effects.

In terms of toxicity and contraindications, ginger may have its own level of negative side effects.Some level of Allergic reactions may occur but it is not that much powerful in disturbing the general condition of human health. Acute toxicity, therefore, is not seen.If the dosage is more than 8-10 grams, gastric irritation may occur. Therefore, it is recommended not to exceed the normal dosage during the direct use in recipes.Generally,its use is somewhat vast and this is just a general speculation of its benefits in the medical aspect. Other pharmaceutical related chemistry is currently under research so that more new medical products will be expected in the near future.



The widely accepted standard dose of 1-2 gm. of powdered ginger which is divided either into 2 or 4 doses is most likely high. One teaspoon is approximately 2 grams and the alternative dose can take the form of 2 – 4 grams of fresh ginger root, a ginger tea that can be prepared by boiling grated ginger root,inhaled steaming water containing ginger oil,1.5 ml with 30 drops oil and fresh root.One source claims that rubbing or placing fresh root in a warm poultice and cleaning with ginger oil into painful joints can be applied to particular painful areas. During motion sickness,start taking ginger ale 2 days before the anticipated voyage.



You may feel heartburn, abdominal churning, bloating or burping after you take ginger and sometimes allergies to ginger may be occurred. In addition,it may thin the blood and incurs a danger of excessive bleeding. Nevertheless,there are no recorded reports that indicate which causes bleeding in people who take aspirin or warfarin, but there is no guarantee that it doesn’t happen.Therefore one can assume that a person who takes one of those drugs can bleed and look no way out for contributing culprits. During surgery time, one should either stop taking ginger or tell the surgeon about your use. It is known that Ginger contains different bio-active compounds which may or may not account for its power of medicinal effects. The spice oil has evaporating oils and pungent phenol compounds like gingerols and shogaolsand the water extracts contain natural amines, alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, and terpenoids having a varied bio-active compound content. Whatever the case is, Ginger’s side effects is not that much negative.

Blood pressure lowering power happens through calcium channel-blocking properties and muscarinic stimulation. Also, it can reduce inflammation by blocking prostaglandin production and Ginger’s cholinergic and prostaglandin reducing activities are responsible for the effects on gastrointestinal motility. Last but not least is that it exerts high anti-clotting effects, through an anti-platelet action so you have to give attention to this amazing spice.

General Ginger Benefits

Ginger also comes packed with the powerful protein made the digestive enzyme,Zingibain that contains close to Papain from Papaya and Bromelain from pineapple which helps to tenderise meat.About 8 percent of this spice is Oleoresin which is a combination of countless hidden minerals and compounds mainly reside in oil formation that produces a veritable pharmacy with therapeutic advantages.

There are different varieties of ginger phyla having color variations starting from yellow to white.In Jamaica and East Africa,the ginger type is extraordinary and the most pungent smell while China and India produce the milder ones. Even though ginger has a diffusing power of strong odors,it simply adds an exciting zing to the countless dishes and confectioneries like curries,chutneys,sauces,soups,salads,desserts,cakes,ice creams,entrees,jams,pickles,marinades,sauces,pies, and puddings.Ginger ale has remained as the most preferably selected airline beverage sine the advent of commercial aviation and candied ginger is ranked as one of the world’s top confections.



Recent medicinal research has examined that ginger has its own anti-emetic characters that are used in the combat of nausea and vomiting effects. Even though the majority of the studies are not detailed, some were done nicely.On the other hand, research findings examined that people can tell they are taking it as opposed to placebo which makes appropriate blinding of ginger study to be more problematic.

During family planning and control time, give your attention to ginger supplement pills and capsules since it may not contain enough ginger. When major bio-active parts were measured in many commercially supplied ginger capsules, the quantity of each compound by weight is changed from 0to 1%. Usually, almost all ginger consumers have no opportunity of telling which ginger capsules are the real ones of and which are not but for as a general reminder, Ginger which is sold as food spice is probably real and powerful ginger family.

Clinical Meta-analyses and other related biological researches indicate that all clinical uses are vested through the firm clinical evidence of superior benefit that exists only for pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting. In all pregnancy related trial tests, ginger is bettered placebo during the stage of relieving nausea. According to the two trials that compare ginger to vitamin B6 resulted from an equivalent benefit which confirms the harmless influence of ginger.Research of motion sickness have pointed that ginger outperforms placebo but does not perform as standard medications such as dimenhydrinate, meclizine, and scopolamine to reduce nausea.

There are different results shown in the impact so that some studies showed improved trials and others are on the side of worse symptoms in the case of ginger nausea and vomiting times after successful medical surgery.During severe vomiting using ginger to stay down long enough to work is somehow problematic. Identical ginger product works to chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea.

Separate components has proved the anti-prostaglandin, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor immune-modulatory and anti-microbial activity in test tube experiments claims that ginger has clinically positive effects in humans. Few studies suggest that ginger applies to relieve arthritis pain even better than placebo and low dose ibuprofen.Even though many people drink a water-based, carbonated chilled and sweetened ginger extract called Ginger Ale,there are no controlled scientific evidence of its healing power for colds.

Many diabetics suffer from. A Michigan group of scientists said that a single dose of ginger can temporarily alleviate abnormal stomach and bowel contractions which lead to nausea, constipation or diarrhea, and poor stomach emptying.It applies a contracting and relaxing effect in animals’ colons and these conflicting effects in human beings are to be determined.Blatant misrepresentations are growing in the herbal companies sot hat they claim ginger lowers cholesterol, improves circulation and prevents heart disease.

Recently, a company suggests that ginger makes to stop bleeding and prevent clotting and anti-coagulant properties allows to be the perfect replacement for synthetic blood thinners which are frequently opposed the scientific results so the claims are too dangerous and should be avoided.If someone takes a non-tested and relevant medicine to prevent clotting, he/she is under a huge risk.However,the current herbal studies on ginger hopes that in the near future ginger and medicine effect may be proven and standardized to the point that one could take it with assurance like the normal medications.

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